A Doctor talks about the consequences of abortion

The articles under this rubric treat the subsequent disease after an abortion, called the post-abortion syndrome or PAS. The author, Dr. med. Angelika Pokropp-Hippen, is a specialist in general medicine and a psychotherapist with her own practice in Münster, Germany. She is thoroughly experienced with patients who suffer from PAS.

In my practice I often encounter a clinical picture where either physical or psychological symptoms predominate. In many cases I recognise a time link between the onset of symptoms and an abortion.

An abortion heavily burdens the woman psychologically and can lead to a subsequent illness, «post-abortion syndrome» (PAS). Triggers sometimes automatically form internal images and associated feelings such as anxiety and panic attacks.

Subsequent illness after an abortion has been examined in studies internationally. The Elliot Institute (Springfield, USA, 1994) conducted a study on 260 women aged 15 to 35 from 35 US states after an abortion.