Counselling and direct help to women, couples and families who get into serious difficulties due to pregnancy or the birth of a child.

Abortion isn’t just a termination of pregnancy.

An abortion cannot be undone. It does not resolve the problems, rather makes them worse. It is of no use to talk oneself into thinking that abortion is harmless and without consequences. The reports on this page reveal this clearly.
The SAMC-Foundation explains these facts and offers effective assistance so women, couples and families may be spared an abortion and can undertake together with their child the path of life.

Distressing stories about the life after an abortion.

Why many consequences of an abortion are still tabu in psychiatry.

Dr. Angelika Pokropp-Hippen, a specialist in general medicine and a psychotherapist with her own practice in Münster (Germany), is largely experienced with patients suffering from post-abortion syndrome.

More than 20 years ago, Bernard Nathanson, a world-famous doctor, using ultra-sound recording technology, has filmed the behaviour of an embryo during an abortion.

In the following you learn about the numerous methods and ways that have been invented to make abortions possible.

The sad truth behind abortion shown on pictures.

  1. Because no other word sounds as tender as "Mommy"
  2. Because children say, "I love you" a thousand times
  3. Because I can be proud to be a mother
  4. Because spending time with a child is more exciting than a disco
  5. Because no one can force me to say no to a baby
  6. Because a baby helps to solve many problems
  7. Because even tough men soften up around babies
  8. Because a baby boosts my self-esteem
  9. Because I know I will never be alone, even in old age
  10. Because we can finally celebrate Mother's and Father's Day
  11. Because a baby means having a future
  12. Because the world desperately needs new talent
  13. Because a baby needs me
  14. Because a baby is the most beautiful proof of love
  15. Because God wants babies to live
  16. Because it is so beautiful and fun to find the perfect name
  17. Because children make you happy
  18. Because it is so beautiful, to look into a child’s eyes
  19. Because hearing a baby laughing sounds even better than the most beautiful melody
  20. Because I get back a thousand times the love I give a baby
  21. Because you stay younger longer with children
  22. Because pregnant women become more and more beautiful each day – they shine from the inside out
  23. Because you can finally read fairy tales again
  24. Because hearing a baby laugh releases endorphins in the mother’s system
  25. Because this country needs more love
  26. Because babies smell so good
  27. Because a child asks questions and you have to think to answer them
  28. Because nothing in the world feels more delicate than a baby's skin
  29. Because you can go to the beach and build sand castles
  30. Because a world without babies makes no sense
  31. Because you can dress children up in cute clothes
  32. Because it will be the most beautiful baby in the whole world
  33. Because a child gives new hope and courage